Bridget Braden-Olson



1999-2004 Region 7 Young Rider | Earned Both Silver and Gold USDF Medals by age 21 | Trained with Charlotte Berdahl, Conrad Schumacher, Jan Ebeling, Hilda Gurney, Jochen Hippenstiel, Christine Traurig and for the last 10 years with Steffen Peters . Bridget’s Young Rider Horse, Dublin and her were 5th in state and 9th in country in 2003. Dublin moved up to the Grand Prix a year later, earning the USDF Gold Medal.
1998-1999 Between Wellington, FL and CA Bridget received the USDF Silver Medal on her horse Augie.
1994-1997 Found the passion for horses, specifically for dressage in Brussels, Belgium. Starting out to ride in Europe, developed Bridget ‘s fundamentals in classical dressage and not just for competition, but for the horses overall wellbeing.



After Young Riders, she continued into a career for more than 10 years in San Diego, CA.  Over the years as a horse trainer and competitor, there’s a huge need for proper techniques to physical fitness for the rider and horse.  There’s a science behind muscular development for both humans and horses. 

As a professional, Bridget continues to ride FEI and Lower level dressage.  She’s successfully lead her riders to reach their goals in the saddle, such as gaining their bronze medal or placing in Regional Adult Amateur with high point.  Bridget has successfully help horses through rehabilitation and coming back to FEI levels of Dressage.   

She’s also been active on the CDS San Diego Chapter, held positions as website manager and the president on the board.  Bridget enjoyed being able to help establish the local schooling show circuit as well as update their communications to their members across platforms of social media.